Jul 28, 2009

View stock market with heatmap

There is a heatmap tool which let you view the stock price change at a glance. It can be recreated with Mathematica in several lines of code.

Let’s pull the data by format {“symbol”, price change}

stockdata={#,(FinancialData[#]/FinancialData[#,"Close"]-1)*100 }& /@FinancialData["^DJI","Members"];

Then we need to represent the price change by color: Green means up, Red mean down, and the deeper the color, the bigger the change.

max = Max[Abs[stockdata[[All, 2]]]]; (* max change *)

GraphicsGrid[Partition[Graphics[{If[#[[2]]>=0.0,Blend[{White,Green},Rescale[#[[2]], {0,max}]], Blend[{Red,White}, Rescale[#[[2]],{-max,0}]]], Rectangle[], Black,Text[Style[#[[1]]<>"\n"<>ToString[NumberForm[#[[2]],{3,2}]]<>"%", Medium,Bold], {0.5,0.5}]}] &/@ stockdata, 6 ]]

The key function is if the price change is >0, then rescale the change in range (0, max) and get it’s color in Blend[{White, Green}]; if the price change is <0, then rescale the change in range (-max, 0) and use Blend[{Red, White}] to get the right color.


In the ascending order:


We can try other representations, too. For example, we can use the size of disk to represent the change.



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