Jul 16, 2008

Wolfram Screencast Gallery

There are some very impressive  presentations in Screencast Gallery.

I watched Spinthariscope by Theodore Gray. This simple shape editor is particularly interesting.



Jul 11, 2008

Fun with Gamepad

We have a cheap Logitech gamepad (less than 10$ from Target).


Controller Device 3: Logitech(R) Precision(TM) Gamepad
Raw Product Name "Logitech(R) Precision(TM) Gamepad"
Raw Product ID 49690
Device Type Windows DirectInput Device
Raw Controller Type Joystick
Mathematica Controls 22 controls
Raw Controls 12 controls

Using gamepad to rotate 3D graphics is very smooth, and can jump to top view from x, y, z directions when you hold down different buttons. It seems not supported to zoom a 3D graphic with gamepad.

Gamepad & Device Interface for the details.

Google Earth is another application to play nicely with gamepad.

Update: See here for enabling zoom function with gamepad. Thanks.