Feb 25, 2008

Google Static Maps API

Google finally release Google Static Maps API, which allows you to generate the maps using a regular URL (ala REST) along with parameters specifying location, size, etc and it returns a unique GIF image with that map.
However, there are several drawbacks, for example, 512x512 is the largest image size allowed and geocoding is not integrated. Even though, it is better than nothing.

The following shows the API example:
Top 10 "Mathematica" cites from Google Trends.

For fun, top 10 Mathematica cities vs top 10 Matlab cities
Red "M"--> Mathematica City, Blue "T" --> Matlab City, Green "B" --> City with both Mathematica and Matlab.

Update: static maps seems use the old data
Noticed the problem with "Trade Center Dr",
Check this place on Google Map.

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