Jan 4, 2008

Play with Numbers: January Financial Market Performance

I am getting curious about the stock market during the lunch time. I like to check the January performance in the past.

(* define the function to get the January data *)
cc[stock_, year_] := FinancialData[stock, {{year, 1, 1}, {year, 1, 31}}]
(* plot multiyear graphs*)
Table[DateListPlot[cc["^DJI", year], PlotStyle -> {If[First[Last[#][[2]] - First[#] [[2]] >= 0 & /@ {cc["^DJI", year]}], Green, Red]}, Joined -> True, PlotLabel -> year], {year, 1991, 2006}]

Here is DOW and NASDAQ January performance from 1991 to 2006. By comparing the first and last trading day, if it gains, the line color is green, otherwise, it is red.

DOW January Performance (1991~2006)
NASDAQ January Performance (1991~2006)

You see, Mathematica does come in handy sometime!


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vJD said...

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