Jan 17, 2008

Old Time Fun: Ternary Plot

Here is the ternary plot of the 140 named colors supported by modern browsers. Actually, only 139 colors are drawn in the graph. There is no place for Black (RGBColor[0,0,0]), the center is White, however, you can't see it on the white background.


PJC said...

Great plot. Can you make the code available?

Anonymous said...

I second that. How did you make the ternary plot?

Anonymous said...

you could use Tooltip to show the values when you mouse over the disks

cg = Graphics[{PointSize[Large], RGBColor[#/255],
Tooltip[ Disk[coords[#/Total[#]], 0.01], N[#]/Total[#]]} & /@
namedcolors, ImageSize -> 300]