Jun 2, 2011

How to make a circle for Google Earth

KML doesn’t have the circle object built in, a circle can be made by line or polygon object. With GeoDestination function, a perfect circle can be created.

Polygon@Table[GeoDestination[GeoPosition[{39.17, -86.52 }], {5000, a}], {a, 0, 360, 10}][[All, 1, {2, 1}]]

This line will generate a 36-sides polygon centered at 39.17, –86.52 with 5000 meters radius. Then export it to kml, you probably has to manually modify the kml file to set up the color styles.

Here is an example, we use the radius to represent the vertical motion, 1 cm motion = 5000 meters on the ground.



Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. I used a variation of your code to solve a related problem.

I always enjoy your postings and hope for more to come.


turkeyfish said...

Is there a Mathematica expression to export the circle (or a list of circles) to a KLM file so that one could plot the circle via a named Google Earth Layer of one's own creation?

In other words can one create a layer that would then display a list of circles (landmarks) within your GoogleEarthManipulation.nb so that your camera view can be focused on the centroid of the list in order to generate point distribution maps on the fly?

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